Events Management

WOTN offers you its specialists in organizing and implementing events, ranging from the primary plan and ending with its ideal implementation, that is administrated by a certified technical team to transform the goals of its clients from a mere idea to achievement to achieve the Kingdom’s vision 2030 in organizing events that serve the community all told fields while making it with a powerful imprint that achieves the goal.

Our services include logistical planning, extensive technical knowledge, and the provision of operational personnel, with a view to achieving the desired results at a high level of professionalism to meet the expectations of our clients.

Operational Solutions

At WOTN, we manage and provide effective operational solutions starting from the first idea and ending with its ideal implementation through an operational plan for the event with creative ideas with the employment of the recent technologies and administrative methods and the provision of trained and qualified human cadres to manage the event efficiently and effectively to achieve the aspirations of the client,which include:

1. Documentation and production

Artistic production, video production, and live broadcasting are carried out on communication platforms to convey the event in a way that achieves the goal.

2. Event Operation Services

Organizing and managing crowds, traffic, and risks with the latest technologies and appropriate plans and providing immediate solutions to achieve success.

3. Social distancing consultations

Precautionary measures and social distancing are being prepared and adhered to in all facilities such as elevators, smoking rooms and receptions



WOTN Company provides the complete logistical support for the successful completion of your events by providing all the requirements like providing transportation, accommodation, and travel, as well as paying attention to the tiniest details in logistical services like cleanup, security, and any services that complete your event, which include:

1. Ready Platforms

WOTN prepares exhibitions and conferences pavilions with ready-made Octanorm platforms that are characterized by quick installation, distinguished designs suitable for the fields of business of our clients

2. Furniture and chairs

WOTN equips conference and exhibition halls with furniture such as hotel chairs, workshop chairs, children's chairs, cinema chairs, tables, and sofas.

3. logistics tools

WOTN provides events with high-quality logistical tools to facilitate event management, such as security and safety tools, traffic tools, and wireless devices

4. Heavy equipment

WOTN supplies exhibitions and conferences with the necessary heavy equipment and machinery such as forklifts, light towers, generators, and other necessary equipment.

5. Prefabricated floors and bleachers

Exhibitions and conferences are equipped with prefabricated floors of different sizes and flexible heights, and stands of different sizes to accommodate a large number

6. Golf carts

Exhibitions and conferences are equipped with golf carts to transport players and golf carts dedicated to transporting injured people of different sizes

7. Mobile units

WOTN uses modern technologies in the preparation and organization of events by providing mobile units that include mobile administrative offices, ticket purchase units, and mobile toilets

8. Barriers, fenders

WOTN uses innovative methods and event organizing skills by equipping the venue with various types of barriers and fenders to organize crowds and prevent mixing and crowding.

9. Tents and domes

WOTN provides a range of options to equip exhibitions and conferences with tents and domes of different sizes and diameters to meet the needs of our clients

Technical Services

WOTN Company provides, produces, and designs the best software and optimal systems that serve the events and events industry in all technical aspects, which include:

1. Virtual reality games

WOTN provides a variety of different games in virtual reality that make you live an amazing virtual experience as if it were real because there is a real competition and screens displaying the results.

2. Technical devices

WOTN supplies the technical equipment needed for events with high standards, such as computers and printers that support all the needs of exhibition or conference.

3. Surveillance and smart technologies

WOTN seeks to provide the latest global technological solutions and services for events by providing the latest cameras, fingerprint devices, electronic gates, touch technology, and wireless devices

4. Exhibition Systems

WOTN has high technologies in organizing and managing exhibitions and conferences according to the best approaches and skills by providing a visitor registration system, voting system, virtual exhibitions and other technologies

5. Smart screens

WOTN provides the latest technical screens that are easy to install and touch screens for several uses, such as promotional advertisements, interactive maps and event news.

6. Network Services

WOTN owns event networks that provide a unique integrated approach to event infrastructure by providing the latest wireless internet solutions, designing and installing wired and wireless networks, and providing technical manpower.

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